Neil Shah

Audiobook Narration & Voiceover

Neil Shah Award winning Audiobook Narrator and Voice Over artist who records from his Home Studio in Portland, Oregon


Stringer: A Reporter's Journey In the Congo, by Anjan Sundaram (Audiofile Earphones Award):

Shah is an outstanding narrator who adds a healthy dose of personality to each of the characters as well as accents where appropriate. As Sundaram becomes immersed in local life while staying with a Congolese family in Kinshasa and faces perilous situations while reporting from dangerous conflict zones, Shah adeptly brings us into his new world. - Audiofile Magazine (full review here)

I Am An Executioner, by Rajesh Parameswaran (2013 Audie Finalist):

"Neil Shah wonderfully enhance the stories in I am an Executioner...[and] is a narrator of wonderful skills. His voice inhabits each character’s accent, quirks, and their compassion. He reads with deftness, lending the characters appropriate poignancy and humor, making each of them real. He is a facile and entertaining narrator who grabs the reader at the onset. His reading of “The Infamous Bengal Ming,” one of the great stories in the collection, in which an amorous tiger kills his beloved trainer with a playful lover bite to the neck, Shah inhabits the very nature of the beast. He narrates with roars and purrs, presenting both the human and animal side of the tiger. It is a convincing and apt interpretation. His interpretation of the title story, I Am An Executioner, is moderated by the protagonist’s malapropism, naïveté and deadpan delivery. The story is very funny, but more so in listening to Shah than reading of it. Shah makes this audiobook fun, exciting and funny." -

"These short stories hum with life through the steady cadence and confident tones of narrator Neil Shah...[and] will have listeners holding their breath., pacing the stories so well that listeners will be eager for the climax of each story. On the whole, this is a wonderful jaunt through a first story collection." - AudioFile Magazine

The Hundred-Foot Journey, by Richard C. Morais ( 2013 Editor's Pick):

Classically trained actor Neil Shah’s masterful, fully-voiced interpretation of Richard C. Morais’s colorful coming-of-age tale of Indian chef Hassan Haji from Mumbai, to England, to a small village in France, and finally to Paris makes the Hundred Foot Journey truly magical...Hassan’s journey is full of the fragrances, colors, and especially the foods so beautifully described by Morais, and exceptionally well read by Shah. [He] captures the astringent, bitter voice of Mme Mallory, the prissy French of the many gourmands and chefs Hassan meets along the way, Hassan’s growth (he narrates) from appealing youth to accomplished chef, the many voices of the Haji family, and especially the booming, loving voice of Hassan’s Papa as he supports and encourages his son all along the journey. The Hundred Foot Journey is for listeners who love to cook, love to eat, love to be exquisitely catered to, love to travel, and especially anyone who loves the crisp snap of a starched white linen tablecloth just before it is placed on a favorite restaurant table or the sizzling stove fragrances of the truly outstanding chef. Outstanding combination of narrator with text. Indeed a magical journey. -

"Shah delivers delightful Indian accents for the Haji family and the parts of the novel set in India. When the setting shifts to France, Shah provides seamless French accents for the Alpine villagers, especially for celebrated chef whose restaurant is across the street from the Haji family’s Indian restaurant." - AudioFile Magazine

The Answer To the Riddle Is Me, by David MacLean

Neil Shah's smooth voice is perfect for MacLean's introspective memoir about finding himself in a foreign country without any recollection of his identity. Shah grasps MacLean's utter confusion and panic during the horrific hallucinations he experienced, caused by an antimalarial drug. Shah flawlessly simulates the Indian accents of those who tried to help solve the mystery of MacLean's identity and why he was in India. The story is both captivating and thought provoking as MacLean rediscovers his personality, his past, and his present. Having someone else vocalize this memoir adds to the sense of an author who has lost his sense of self. - Audiofile Magazine

The Gendarme, by Mark Mustian:

"Neil Shah perfectly renders the return of Conn's memory, which begins with horrific nightmares and ends with remorse. His depiction of Conn's skittish, elusive dreams, which linger into his waking hours, is compelling. With tight pacing and a staccato delivery, Shah adds realism to scenes of Conn's rape of an Armenian prisoner and his part in a forced death march of Armenian refugees. Shah's outstanding performance of human suffering and the quest for forgiveness is memorable." - AudioFile Magazine